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Dr. Albrecht Classen, Professor and Undergraduate Advisor

Dr. Albrecht ClassenDr. Albrecht Classen is University Distinguished Professor and Undergraduate Advisor in the Department of German Studies. Dr. Albrecht Classen was born near Bad Hersfeld in Northern Hesse, Germany. He studied at the universities of Marburg, Erlangen (Germany), Millersville, PA (USA), Oxford (Great Britain), Salamanca (Spain), Urbino (Italy), and Charlottesville, VA (USA). He received his Ph.D. from the University of Virginia in 1986. He has a broad range of research interests covering the history of medieval and early modern German and European literature and culture from about 800 to 1800. He has published more than 74 scholarly books, critical editions, translations, and textbooks, and 9 poetry volumes of his own (Nov. 2013). He is the editor of Mediaevistik and Humanities- Open Access.Online, and book review editor of Trans-Lit2

He has served three times as President of the Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association. And he is new incoming VP for the RMMLA for 2015 once again

Travel with him during the summer, taking his medieval travel course.

In 2009 he won the Five Star Faculty Award for teaching (only students driven award)

In Spring 2012 he received the Award of the “Outstanding Academic Title” for his Handbook of Medieval Studies (2010) by Choice: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries (selection from 7,263 titles reviewed and 25,000 submitted)


See also the official recognition by De Gruyter

In Nov. 2012 he received the U.S. Professor of the Year Award, Arizona, from the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching

Then, in Nov.  2012, he received the "Friend of German Award" by the American Association of Teachers of German (AATG)

Also, in Nov. 2012, he was inducted as an Honorary Member of the Golden Key Honour Society, Arizona Chapter:

Golden Key

 For news articles on all three awards, see UANews, Arizona Daily Wildcat, Arizona Daily Star, and, Bill Buckmaster Radio Talk Show

In March 2013 he was included in the List of Top Professors at Large Affordable Universities

In October 2013 he was awarded with the Sterling Membership of the Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association

 His book The Medieval Chastity Belt (2007) was used in the TV show Jeopardy  on May 18 and Sept. 14, 2012:


In Oct. 2013 he received the Sterling Membership award from the Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association


In May 2015 he received the Excellence in Academic Advising Faculty Advisory Award, University of Arizona (May)


Read Dr. Classen's profile on the Department of German Studies website. Watch a video of Dr. Classen made for his Fall semester 2010 TRAD 104 class and another where he introduces us to the UA library's Special Collections. See also his comments in the PBS Special "The Secret of the Divine" (on the Retablo Room Paintings: See also the news on a blog: Carolyn's Community.

Recently he has produced a Youtube video on the 12th-century Old Occitan troubairitz poets and one on the 13th-century "chantefable" Aucassin and Nicolette.

See also “Gottfried von Strassburg’s Tristan, facsimile of the Munich manuscript cgm 51 (Staatsbibliothek): (Feb. 2012)

And most recently, "The Retablo Room - Fifteenth-Century Art, Museum of Art, University of Arizona."

He has also published nine books of his own poetry, most recently  Reflexionen über gestern und morgen, and Politische Reflexionen - Poetische Fragmente , or Hawaiische Impressionen (2013) (Gnothikon). See also his printed volumes of his own poetry. See below.

Listen also to the Buckmaster Show with an interview of Prof. Classen about his new book The Letters of the Swiss Jesuit  Misssionary Philipp Segesser (1689-1762). Interview starts around minute 29:00 (Sept. 5, 2012).

He was also interviewed on BYU Thinking Aloud: (April 3, 2013)

For an article in about this Segesser publication, click this link.

He was interviewed on Kamp Radio, UA, Sept. 9, 2013

Medieval Studies at the University of Arizona (March 2014)

Interviewed by Bill Buckmaster on German in Tucson and Southern Arizona (April 9, 2014)

Interview with Marginalia Los Angeles Review of Books, Sept. 30, 2014

Lecture on Fearless Women: German Women in the Age of the Protestant Reformation, Oct. 2014



In 2012 he also published two new volumes of his own poetry in German:

(together with Th. Moedriach), sprachbrücken: Gedichte von Tucson bis nach Gottschee (II) (Gottschee: Thomas Schuster, 2012), 85 pp.

(together with Th. Moedriach), Grenzgänger: Gedichte von Tucson bis nach Gottschee (II) (Gottschee: Thomas Schuster, 2012), 91 pp.

A new volume, Hawaiische Impressionen, appeared in 2013 (see the links under Text in the right-hand navigation bar).

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