2013 Symposium: Mental Health: Abstracts


Concept of the Symposium





11th International Symposium on Medieval and Early Modern Studies

at the University of Arizona, Tucson, May 2-5, 2013.

Theme: Mental Health, Spirituality, and Religion in the Middle Ages and Early Modern Age


Dr. Albrecht Classen
University Distinguished Professor

Dept. of German Studies, 301 LSB, The University of Arizona

520 621-1395; aclassen@u.arizona.edu; www.gened.arizona.edu/aclassen


in collaboration with Prof. Ronald Grant, Director, Medical Humanities, rgrant@email.arizona.edu


Deadline for submission of abstracts: January 31, 2013, but feel free to send an inquiry even after that date in case there might be a slot still available, to aclassen@u.arizona.edu

Location of Symposium: Conference Room in the Student Union, University of Arizona

This is a self-sustaining academic symposium. Participants are expected to secure travel funds and other resources to cover their costs from their home institution.

On Fri all day and Sat. morning the papers will deal with medieval and early modern issues. On Sat. afternoon we will open the symposium to the public, invite colleagues from the field of modern psychiatric fields, including palliative medicine, to offer some workshops and to widen the range of discussions to build bridges between past and present.

Anyone interested in joining the symposium as part of the audience, please contact the organizer. Student participation will be most welcome.

Languages accepted at the symposium: English, French, German, and in exceptional cases Spanish. Non-English papers must be accompanied by a good English summary available as a hand-out. Abstracts of all papers will be posted well ahead of the symposium.

Hotel Accommodations: I have made a special arrangement with Riverpark Inn (formerly Pueblo Inn),  $65/night (plus tax [13.05%] plus $2 per night). Within the USA, call: 1-800 551-1466, refer to “Dept. of German Studies/Mental Health,” or to my name.  Local number: 520 239-2300. Transportation to and from the symposium (at the University of Arizona Library, Student Union, room tba), will be provided.  For international guests, please fax your reservations to: 011- 520-239-2329 (subject to change)

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1. Bus no. 6 to downtown ($1.50), Ronstadt Bus Depot, from there you walk west on Congress to Granada, turn left (south) to the I-10, through the tunnel, and the hotel is right there. Or you can call the hotel at 239-2300. Alternatively, you can walk down Congress to the I-10, pass under it (direction West), then turn left and walk along Frontage Road to the Hotel (max. 15 minutes).

For bus no. 6 (really easy and very cheap), see their schedule: http://www.suntran.com/pdf/routes/Rt_6_Win_07.pdf). Once you have reached Ronstadt downtown (end station), follow these instructions:

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2. Take the airport shuttle (one way: ca. $25; round trip: ca. $46), Stagecoach (http://www.azstagecoach.com). Subject to change
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3.regular taxi (ca. $25-$35. one way). (all subject to change)


We are happy to acknowledge financial support from the Departments of German Studies, Russian and Slavic, French and Italian, Spanish and Portuguese, Sociology, Religious Studies, Africana, the School of International Language, Literatures, and Cultures (SILLC), the Dean of the College of Humanities, the Office of Undergraduate Education (all at the UA).