2019: 16th Symposium

Fantasy and Imagination in the Middle Ages and Early Modern Age: Projections, Dreams, and Illusion (also: Monsters and Monstrosity)


This symposium will explore the other part of the human brain, the world of fantasy and imagination, both certainly of central importance to human existence. 

May 2-5, 2019

Abstracts are most welcome from now on (May 6, 2018), until Jan. 31, 2019). But do not hesitate to inquire about an available slot even after that date.



The University of Arizona, Tucson

May 3-4, 2019 (actual conference)


Checklist to prepare your submission to the planned volume

Organizer and Chair:

Dr. Albrecht Classen

University Distinguished Professor

Dept. of German Studies, 301 LSB, The University of Arizona

520 621-1395; aclassen@u.arizona.edu; aclassen.faculty.arizona.edu


Deadline to apply is Jan. 31, 2019 (maximum participants: 25). But please contact me if you have an interesting paper; I might still have a slot for you.

Checklist for the preparation of your paper

This is a self-sustaining academic symposium. Participants are expected to secure travel funds and other resources to cover their costs (housing, registration) from their home institution.


Registration: $120. This will not only cover the conference, but also provide you with a free copy of the subsequent volume, for which I will do intensive research together with all contributors.

Please let me have your check or cash by April 10, 2019 (international participants are excepted, of course, and can pay during the symposium). Please write the check out to The University of Arizona. In case of a cancellation, reimbursement will be possible until April 25, 2019.


Selected papers will be accepted for publication in a planned volume (de Gruyter; see my webpage on Fundamentals, under “Middle Ages,” right hand side navigation bar). Each contributor to the volume will receive a free copy and can negotiate with the publisher reduced prices for any of the volumes in our series. Acceptance is not guaranteed; the papers must be submitted in a draft version by Oct. 1, 2019, and revisions must be made until ca. Jan. 1, 2020. All papers will be thoroughly peer-reviewed and intensively edited by Prof. Classen. The aim is to get the completed manuscript to the publisher by early March 2020.


For anyone interested in joining the symposium as part of the audience, please contact the organizer, Prof. Classen. Student participation will be most welcome.


Languages accepted at the symposium: English, French, German, and in exceptional cases Spanish. Non-English papers must be accompanied by a good English summary available as a hand-out. Abstracts of all papers will be posted well ahead of the symposium.


Hotel Accommodations: I have made a special arrangement with Ramada by Wyndham, Tucson,  $78/night (plus tax [12.05%] plus $2 per night). Price subject to change. Within the USA, call: 1-800 551-1466, refer to my name (Prof. Classen). Local number: 520 239-2300. Transportation to and from the symposium (at the University of Arizona), will be provided by means of the new streetcar ($4.50./day, covered by the registration).  For international guests, please fax your reservations to: 011- 520-239-2329.


For a downtown map, click on map


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Transportation from the airport: There are three additional (common) options:


1. Bus no. 25 to downtown ($1.75), 6th Ave. and Pennington St. right next to Ronstadt Bus Depot, from there you can walk west on Congress to Granada, turn left (south) to the I-10, through the tunnel, and the hotel is right there (this is by now all a pleasant walk, with good sidewalks, traffic lights, etc, so really safe). Alternatively, you can walk down Congress West to the I-10, pass under it, then turn left (South) and walk along Frontage Road to the Hotel (max. 15 minutes), also good sidewalks, traffic lights, etc. But now there is the better option: Buy a transfer ticket (same price) for the bus, and when you get to Ronstead, go to Congress, which runs east-west parallel to it, and hop on the street car, the ticket is still valid, and the street car will stop right next to the hotel.


For bus no. 25 (really easy and very cheap, just $1.75), see their schedule). Once you have reached Ronstadt downtown (Pennington St/6th Ave.), follow the instructions outlined above.


For a map downtown: https://www.google.com/maps/@32.2228412,-110.9643665,15z




2. Take the airport shuttle (one way: ca. $28; round trip: ca. $45), Stagecoach (https://www.azstagecoach.com). Subject to change


Reservation Information 520-889-1000 • reservations@azstagecoach.com.


3.regular taxi (ca. $25-$35, one way), Uber, Lyft, etc.


All prices subject to change.


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Deadline for submission of abstracts: January 31, 2019, but feel free to send an inquiry even after that date, to aclassen@email.arizona.edu (currently, March 8, 2019, program is full)