AATG Officers



Albrecht Classen, University of Arizona

Here is a list of tasks the President is responsible for:

President of the AZ AATG Chapter


•    Represent the chapter locally, statewide, nationally
•    Participate in the chapter presidents’ assembly at the ACTFL/AATG conference
•    Communicate with all members and future members of our chapter
•    Maintain a webpage
•    Maintain the distribution list
•    Serve as liaison between the chapter and the national headquarter, forwarding their announcements, responding to inquiries, sharing information
•    Supervise the structure of the chapter, assisting in the daily tasks (minutes, treasury, etc.)
•    Collaborate with the officers
•    Coordinate closely with the treasurer (be co-signatory for the bank account)
•    Organize two meetings per year, putting together the program, inviting speakers
•    Report about our meetings to national headquarter
•    Advertisement for the meetings, keeping a list of attendees, coordinating with the local host group the planning and organization of the meeting
•    Outreach to new members, help members in need, e.g., when there is a threat to their program
•    Forwarding calls for nominations for teaching awards
•    Forwarding requests for applications to fill a teacher’s position
•    Solicit funding for our meetings
•    Apply for chapter grants once a year
•    Report back to the headquarter how we spent the grant (again, close coordination with the treasurer)
•    Outreach to neighboring chapters
•    Maintaining contact with the German consulate in S.F, with the honorary consul in Phoenix
•    Outreach to principals and university administrators
•    Outreach to schools, to students
•    Coordinate efforts by the Goethe-Institute to bring in bands, artists, poets, and other speakers to the US (e.g., Wanderbus, Masden Band)


Alisa Kaiser kaiser@istucson.org

Past Presidents:

McKay Jones

Melanie Mello

Albrecht Classen


Stephanie Duisberg


Petra Schmidt

Testing Chair:

Alisa Kaiser

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