Antiquity Boethuis

Paper by Michael Washburn (Ger 278, Spring 04, UA):

The Philosopher Statesman Boethuis lived in a time of great political and theological turmoil.

315 Council of Nicea

The famed Council of Nicea was a gathering of hundreds of priest and thousands of acolytes and deacons. At this critical juncture the whole of Christendom came together to pool its knowledge and revelation and come to a conclusion on several key issues facing the church. The Nicean Creed and Apostles Creed were canonized; two key statements of faith and doctrine that aligned the church on orthodox grounds and anathematized the teaching of Arius.

365 Semi-Arian Synod of Lampsacus condemns Acacius

Acacius, the last spiritual leader of the Arian movement was banished as a heretic from his own church, finally ending the conflict. With Acacius fall the Arian movement ceased to be a direct competitor within the Catholic Church, even while many still subscribed to Arian teaching.

476 Odacer disposes Romulus Augustulus

The barbarian general Odacer overthrew the boy-emperor Romulus Augustulus, making official where the true power lay in the Western Empire, in the generals of the overwhelmingly barbarian armies.

489 Theodoric the Goth sent by Zeno to the West

The Eastern Emperor Zeno, seeking to gain control over the Western Empire, which was, technically, still under his jurisdiction, forges a bargain with Theodoric, king of the Ostrogoths, to deal with Odacer.

493 Theodoric defeats and murders Odacer

After four years of war Theodoric enters Odacer’s capital of Ravenna under a flag of truce. Theodoric then murders Odacer and seizes the throne.

519 Accadian Schism resolved

The end of the Accadian Schism signifies the resolution of the major doctrinal differences between western and eastern Catholics. This reunion disturbs Theodoric, as he fears the Easterner may soon seek to politically reunite the empire as well, with western Catholic help.

523 Pope Hormisdas dies, replaced by Pope John

Pope Hormisdas, who was wavering on Arian issues dies in August 523. He is succeeded by the pro-orthodox (Roman) Catholic Pope John.

526 Theodoric the Goth dies, replaced by Amalsuntha

Theodoric is succeeded by his wife Amalsuntha, who rules as regent over his infant son. She realizes her weak position and asks Justinian for support. She also promotes her consort to royalty, who promptly has her strangled.

540 Justinian begins the Gothic Wars, captures Ravenna, destroys Ostrogoth kingdom

After Amalsuntha’s death, and after receiving pleas for help from persecuted Catholic’s in police state like Vandal North Africa. Wishing to restore the glory of the old Empire Justinian begins the Gothic Wars. He invades and conquers both the Vandal and Ostrogoth kingdoms, and cripples the Visigoth Iberian kingdom.

Consolation of Philosophy – Engl. Trans. by W. V. Cooper