Charlemagne in Medieval Germanic and Dutch literature

Charlemagne in Medieval Germanic and Dutch Literature

A book project organized and edited by Albrecht Classen, The University of Arizona


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Book to appear in the series ‘Bristol Studies in Medieval Cultures’ by Boydell & Brewer – and the series will be ‘Charlemagne a European Icon’.


Introduction: The historical Charlemagne and his chronicler, Einhard


Charlemagne in Konrad’s Rolandslied

Charlemagne in The Stricker’s Karl der Grosse

Charlemagne in Courtly romances

Charlemagne in heroic epics

Charlemagne in verse narratives from the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries

Charlemagne in Elisabeth von Nassau-Saarbruecken’s prose novels

Charlemagne in other fifteenth-century narratives and poems

Charlemagne in the chivalric romances by Emperor Maximilian I

Charlemagne in medieval German illustrations?