2023 International Symposium, University of Arizona: Medieval and Early Modern Studies

Human Society and the Natural World in the Middle Ages and Early Modern Time: From Ecocriticism to Pre-Modern Anthropology

International Symposium, to be held at the University of Arizona, Tucson, April  28-30, 2023

Ca. 24 papers can be included. The topic has already been discussed from many perspectives, so the challenge consists of developing innovative approaches and discovering more in-depth the relationship of people with their natural environment through close readings of artworks, literary texts, legal documents, medical treatises, etc. We need to overcome the traditional notion of allegorical depiction of nature and gain a more direct understanding of pre-modern notions of the natural environment in its interaction with human society.

More details to follow. Contact: Prof. Albrecht Classen, aclassen@arizona.edu

Registration (which will cover all meals, refreshments, social gatherings, and local transportation: $100.

Hotel accommodations: tba (our previous hotel is no longer available due to renovation).