Syllabus - Schedule of Classes

March 11, 2021: First Day of Class: Welcome and Introduction.  

Let us discuss specifically what 5 of the most prevalent topics have always been for people throughout time. These will then be dealt with throughout the class looking at them through a variety of lenses

We read the introductory text by Emily Amt and Classen: Historical framework, social structure, economic conditions


March 16: Continuation with Amt/Classen: literature, religion, education, Jewish-Christian relations

Questions for group work

March 18: Marie de France: Guigemar, Bislavret

March 23: Marie de France: Equitan, The Two Lovers

March 25: Marie de France: Eliduc, Les Fresne

March 30: The Song of Hildebrand Father-Son Conflict, Loyalty, Honor, Death

April 01: 1st exam: multiple choice questions reg. the historical time frame, Marie de France, Hildebrandslied, all on tophat


April 06: Hildebrand, cont.

April 08: We begin with our preparations for the portfolio. Please go to the library and bring a single-authored book on some of the texts we have or will discuss with you to class today. Everyone with a name ending on A-C: Boethius (or medieval philosophy); ending on D-G: Nibelungenlied; ending on H-N: Marie de France; ending on O-R: Sir Gawain and the Green Knight; S-T: Abelard, ending on U-W: Heinrich Kaufringer; ending on X-Z: Dante. Try to find a monograph of recent vintage (not prior to 1970, or so).  We'll read for today: Nibelungenlied:1-15
April 13: Nibelungenlied: 16-22
April 15: Nibelungenlied  23-30 

April 20: Nibelungenlied 31-39

April 22: 1st essay due in class: write either on Marie de France, Hildebrandslied, or Nibelungenlied. I can give you theses options, or you can choose your own. Please pay attention to the instructions above.


April 27: Our Lady's Tumbler. As background, if you wish, see, for instance, Le Thionet (photos) Le Thionet (video I, with speaker) (video II, only music in the background) (video III, with Gregorian chant). You may also want to read this article: A. Classen, "The Human Quest for Happiness and Meaning"  in Athens Journal of Humanities and Meaning,


April 29: First paper will be returned. Introduction to Boethius. Book I


May 04: Boethius, Book II and III. Last day of class.