Symposium 2020: Freedom, Slavery, and Imprisonment in the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Age

This will be the 2020 conference at the University of Arizona, Tucson, the first weekend of May. Any paper dealing with the universal themes of imprisonment, freedom, slavery, etc. will be welcome, pertaining to the Middle Ages and the early modern age (loosely defined). 

Dates: April 30-May3, 2020

Deadline: Jan. 31, 2020. If you miss it, still write to me; there might be an empty slot:


Program: tba

Registration: $120.

This will cover all local costs, except for the hotel. 

For personal trips to sites around Tucson, I was recommended Tucson Mountain Shuttle:


Please share this Cfp as widely as possible. 

We are working toward the goal of establishing Global Medieval Studies. We are particularly interested in papers dealing with non-European material. 


Abstracts and program, tba.