Study Abroad in Fribourg, Switzerland.  Available for two or three UA students.  This is a student exchange program.  You would continue paying your UA tuition, but you would not have to pay any tuition at the University of Fribourg for a whole year.  Keep in mind that French is the dominant language in Fribourg, but German is also spoken often.  There are, however, many courses for English students at the University, so language should not be a barrier.

University of Fribourg, Switzlerland
Visit the University of Fribourg’s website

Powerpoint presentation about the University and what to expect

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For specific information, please contact Professor Albrecht Classen, Department of German Studies, 318 Learning Services Building (on 1st St. between Vine and Cherry), 621-1395;

If you would like to discuss this with a student who has been in Fribourg, contact Tucker Dunn at:

Deadline for application: March 8, 2009 (subject to change.  Submit to:

Study Abroad in Fribourg/Freiburg Committee
Profs. Susan White, Albrecht Classen, Anne-Marie Brooks
Mod. Lang. 445 (English Dept.)
University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ 85721

Your application should include: 1. a copy of your SAPR; 2. a statement of purposes and goals; 3. a brief resume; 4. two letters of recommendation from an instructor or faculty.

Requirements: GPA of 3.0 overall, 3.5 in your major; program is open to undergraduate juniors and seniors; knowledge of German and French is recommended, but not required.  Program open to majors/minors in English/Creative Writing, German Studies, and French and Italian.

Students in English also ought to contact Professor Susan White, Mod. Lang. 445, 621-7408;

Students in French and Italian also ought to contact Professor Anne-Marie Brooks:; 626-9577

Students in German Studies also ought to contact Professor Albrecht Classen, LSB 318, 621-1395;

For information about the University of Fribourg and the City of Fribourg, see the following websites:

Map of Switzerland (nice zoom in function)

University of Fribourg and II

City of Fribourg (in French and German)

Tourism and General Information about Fribourg

About Fribourg

Topographic Map

Webcam of Fribourg

Photos of Fribourg and Area

Fribourg picture