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Deutsche Geschichte (auf Deutsch)

Deutsche Geschichte (Universitaet Helsinki: Netzkurs: kultur – radi)

German History (in English)

Roman Antiquity (visuals!)

Beginning of the Middle Ages

High Middle Ages

End of the Middle Ages   II   III

Antiquarian Books Worldwide (good search engine)

Archivforschung – online Lehrgang

Medieval Artefacts


Bibliography (online, since 1986) (Jahresberichte fuer deutsche Geschichte)

Bibliography (Regesta Imperii, Universitaet Giessen, all disciplines)

Bibliography on Criminality (late Middle Ages, early modern age)

Black Death I II, III


Charles IV 

Coats of Arms (in German)

Crusades    Crusades II (A. Holt) – with many links to primary and secondary texts

Knights at Court, by Aldo Scalgione (1991)

Chronology of World History

Deutsches Rechtsworterbuch

Feudal Life

German History

Germany in the Middle Ages


Medieval German History

Medieval and Renaissance History

German Lexicon of Historical Terms

Historical Dates (excellent!)

History of Medieval Historical Studies in Germany since 1848 (in German)

Illustrations – Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris

Life in the Middle Ages

Linksammlung (with many dictionaries)

List of Links (with many illustrations

Magna Carta

Manuscripts online (Klaus Graf’s webpage)

Medieval Chronology

Medieval Studies – the most extensive Resource on the Web

The Middle Ages in Movies

Latin Place Names

Regesta Imperii (complete!)

Reviews of Books on the Middle Ages

Scribes (Bibliography)

Wasserzeichen (Piccard) II

Zeitenblicke (electronic journal in German)