Ger 312 Mai und Beaflor

Google Books Edition von 1848

Basic information about this romance:

  • Late 13th Century
  • Originated in Styria or Carinthia
  • Middle High German Text
  • 2manuscripts, one in Munich (Staatsbibliothek, 14th century), one in Fulda (Landesbibliothek, 15th century)

              o Hs. A = München, Staatsbibl., Cgm 57, Bl. 1r-52v
              o Hs. B = Fulda, Landesbibl., Hs. C 6

  • Basic theme: falsely accused queen
  • Close parallels to the Middle English romance EMARÉ
  • Historical framework: Roman Empire, Greece, Crusade to the Iberian Peninsula
  • Emperor tries to rape his daughter, Beaflor, she escapes
  • Greek Count Mai falls in love with and marries Beaflor
  • Mai’s mother hates her future daughter-in-law, tries to get her killed through falsified letters
  • Beaflor escapes, and returns to Rome
  • Mai commits matricide
  • Mai travels to Rome to gain the pope’s forgiveness
  • Mai and Beaflor meet again
  • The Emperor admits his guilt, abdicates, and Mai assumes the throne of Rome
  • Major themes:
  • incest
  • rape
  • women’s roles
  • mother-son relationship
  • crusade
  • political uprising of the people
  • suicide
  • matricide
  • father-son relationship
  • theme of childhood
  • rhetorical skill
  • parents’ love for their children