Ger 312 Oswald von Wolkenstein

Oswald von Wolkenstein
Oswald von Wolkenstein
Portrait in ms. B, probably done by Antonio Pisanello or one of his students.  The first fully-fledged self-portrait by a German poet, already reflecting the arrival of Renaissance culture in German-speaking lands.

Oswald von Wolkenstein Gesellschaft

Kl 18

bekanntesten Lieder

Introductory article (A. Classen)


Oswald von Wolkenstein Gesellschaft    Biographie (biography in German)

Manuscript B – Innsbruck frontispiece    Manuscript B online (fantastic!)

Better Link

Musical Example (Kl 92)   

Peter Schindler: orchestral version

Selection of Texts

Selection of Texts

Beda Weber’s text edition from 1847 (today only of historical value)

Val Gardena (touristic)   

Seis am Schlern (photos)  II        

View an image of Mountains near Meran and Brixen

more images of Mountains: 1, 2


View of Brixen where Oswald lived nearby. Outside of Brixen is the Augustinian convent Neustift where his ms. B, perhaps also ms. A, was created. more images: 1, 2, 3

Radiosendung auf WDR, 2. Aug. 2020, Interview mit Sieglinde Hartmann