International Symposia – Introduction


organized by Prof. Albrecht Classen, Dept. of German Studies. See the links for each symposium above or below.

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Depending on the contractual conditions, there might be a charge for contributions to the volumes that will result from the proceedings. Please consult with the organizer.

2012 Symposium on East Meets West, in Tucson

(See also: Cambridge 2011 Rural Space Symposium)

2013: Mental Health, Spirituality, Medicine, and Religion

2014: Death and the Culture of Death

Every symposium was and will be translated into a scholarly volume, including the papers presented at the symposia and additional contributions, all thoroughly revised and peer reviewed.

1st Symposium: 2003: Discourse on Love, Marriage and Transgression in Medieval and Early Modern Literature (May 1-2, 2003) (Tempe, AZ: ACMRS, 2004) –no website for this symposium (volume published in 2004)

2nd Symposium: 2004: Childhood (volume published in 2005)

3rd Symposium: 2005: Words of Love (volume published in 2008)

4th Symposium: 2006: Old Age (volume appeared in 2007)

5th Symposium: 2007: Sexuality in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance (volume appeared in 2008)

6th Symposium: 2008: Urban Space (volume appeared in 2009)

7th Symposium: 2009: History of Laughter (volume appeared in 2010)

8th Symposium: 2010: Crime and Punishment (volume in preparation)

9th Symposium: 2011: Rural Space

10th Symposium: 2012: East Meets West

11th Symposium: 2013: Mental Health, Religion, and Spirituality

12th Symposium: 2014: Death and the Culture of Death

13th Symposium: 2015: Hygiene, Water, and Well-Being

14th Symposium: 2016: Magic and Magicians

15th Symposium: 2017: “On the Road Again”: Travel, Space and identity

16th Symposium: 2018: Pleasure and Leisure

17th Symposium: 2019: Imagination, Fantasy, and Utopia

18th Symposium: 2020: Freedom, Imprisonment, and Slavery

19th Symposium: 2021: Mis/Communication, Language, and Translations 

20th Symposium: 2022: Globalism before Globalism in the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Age

21st Symposium: 2023: The Beautiful and the Ugly: Aesthetics and Ideals

22nd Symposium: 2024: Medicine, Health, and Happiness: Folk Culture and Learned Approaches

23d Symposium: 2025: Religion: Pagan, Christian, Jewish, and Muslim

24th Symposium: 2025: Secrets, Riddles, and Mysteries: The Hidden Epistemology in the Pre-Modern World