MHD Lyrik

MEMGS (The Medieval and Early Modern German Studies Network)

Old French Dictionary

Medieval Literature in English translation

Global Library, Russian website


French bibliographies, Persee

Swiss Collection

brief summaries of medieval texts

MHD Woerterbuch II

Salzburg Projekt. MHD Begriffsdatenbank

Regesta Imperii – bibliography online

Humanities: How to defend them, from a medieval perspective

Links to Literature Databases 

Identify Latin phrases: Enigma

E-texts (mostly MHG texts, mystical texts, travelogues, religious texts, but also Reinecke Fuchs, (K)

Worterbuch Netz (alles zusammen, inkl. Kroenitz, Lexer, Goethe, etc.)

Deutsches Rechtswoerterbuch



Althochdeutsches Woerterbuch, Koebler, 6th ed. 2014

Fruehneuhochdeutsches Woerterbuch


Deutsches Textarchiv: Grundlage für ein Referenzkorpus der neuhochdeutschen Sprache

Video Clips: modern performances of medieval epics, romances, and lais. I recommend, esp., Beowulf and Nibelungenlied

Dante – Purgatorio, with text and videos

Bibliographie der deutschen Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaft 1985-2004

Bibliotheca Augustana

All Dutch medieval mss.

French literature

Troubadour poetry 1, poetry 2, poetry 3, Troubadour Poetry 4; Troubairitz poetry Syllabus. Images

Troubadours 2. Music

Reformatio Sigismundi


Kulturgeschichte (id: kultur; password: radi)

Literary Encyclopedia: The Literary Encyclopedia provides author profiles, text profiles, topic essays and time lines in a series of user-friendly indexed databases.

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Arthuriana (names)

Camelot Project (many Arthurian texts, images, etc.)

Chaucer Bibliography

Exempla literature (motif search)

Althochdeutsches Worterbuch/Old High German

Middle High German Dictionary


BMZ und Lexer

All MHG Dictionaries

Old English Dictionary

Motivregister (mit Bibliographie)

Readings in MHG

Medieval French Literature

Medieval France (images and audio in French

Medieval German Literature

Digitalisierte Buecher (UB Freiburg), z.B. Barlaam und Josaphat, Zimmernsche Chronik etc.

Medieval Italian Literature

Medieval French Literature (alternative sites)

Marguerite de Porete Bibliography

Oswald von Wolkenstein

Ovid    Roman Antiquity

Partonopeus de Blois  Partonopeus II

Medieval Latin Literature I

Medieval Latin Literature II (plus English trans.)

Ancient and Medieval Latin and Greek Literature

11th-century manuscripts, University Library of Graz

Exhibitions at the Univ. Library of Graz.

Raber, Vigil

Reinmar und Intertextualitaet (Miguel Torres Morales)

Hans Sachs Worterbuch

St. Gallen Library

Middle English Romances in Translation






Wolfram von Eschenbach online bibliography

Modern Dawn Song

Library visit: Prag, Strahov National Library or this link, or this link

Ritter mit den Nuessen



Werevolves – excellent bibliography, with lots of PDFS (Password: vilkolakis)



Ritter mit den Nussen