Medieval Travel Summer 2018

Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia – From Northwestern Europe to Northeastern Europe: The Baltic Sea World!

Syllabus for Ger 390

Gdansk, Poland:

Contact the instructor, Prof. Albrecht Classen, German Studies, 318 Learning Services Building, tel.: 520 621-1395, or email:

Dates: Departure from Tucson – ca. May 22; return from Tallinn, Estonia, ca. June 14, 2018

Enjoy the Baltic World:

Grant opportunity for majors in SILLC, up to 3 awards of $1,500 to $2000, for summer 2018: See this link 

GET CREDIT, GET MEDIEVAL, GET FIT, like in 2017 (student above the clouds over Innsbruck, Austria):


Ghent, Belgium:

Zutphen, Holland:

Lubeck, Germany:

Gdansk, Poland

Vilnius, Lithuania:

Riga, Latvia:

Tallinn, Estonia:

Video from the 2015 tour

Study Abroad Wepage (Faculty)

Generation Study Abroad:


Students talk about their 2014 experience

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But Renee Griggs, Study Abroad, who handles all financial aid and grants, would like to advise you first. She is located in University Services Building, next to the Marriott, 3rd floor (520-626-9211;

102 tips for the international traveler

Practical advice: wear comfortable shoes that provide you with a good grip and support for the ankles. We have had too many sprained ankles in the past.

Glossary of Medieval Architecture and Art

Emergency Contact

Behavioral Expectations


Journal: This is the most important work expected from you. Here you will reflect on the readings and the class discussions, on the excursions, and your experiences. The critical point will be how you have engaged with everything, what you have learned, and what it all has meant. It’s not a medium to copy as much historical data as possible, but a forum to demonstrate what you have understood and how you comprehend the Middle Ages in theoretical (textbook) and in practical terms. Analyze, synthesize, digest, and examine everything you have learned, and formulate it all in a clear, comprehensive, and eloquent English.


Here a scene from the 2015 trip:

Deadline to apply, with money down, Feb. 15, 2018:

With Study Abroad (click this link): To log in: Study Abroad

GPA: 2.50 (nothing below that!, but let me hear from you if there are special circumstances)

Up to 6 credits, mostly applicable to tier two general education courses/requirement, so also for German Studies (major and minor), the thematic minor in Medieval Studies; and for many other disciplines in the Humanities, Social Sciences, Psychology, and so forth.

Chaperone Carolyn Classen, J.D., Professor Classen’s wife of 32 years has accompanied him on 10 previous tours.
She is a part-time Hearing Officer in Small Claims Court, Pima County Consolidated Justice Courts, and a former practicing attorney.

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See also:

or the Lufthansa program:

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Medieval Answers to Modern Problems, ed. Albrecht Classen. 2nd ed. (San Diego: Cognella, 2016)

only this book, either in digital or in printed form.

Please note: really only the 2nd ed. (not the 2nd rev. ed., with the blue cover!)

Instructions how to purchase the book:

To purchase your textbook, please follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Log on to
Step 2: Create an account or log in if you have an existing account to purchase.
Step 3: Easy-to-follow instructions will guide you through the rest of the ordering process. Payment can be made by all major credit cards or with an electronic check.

Legal Matter:

Everyone of our study tours has been a most positive, life-changing experience, but there could also be problems; hence, please note:

General alert: Grounds for dismissal from program:

– theft from anyone

– violent behavior (physical and /or mental)

– chronic and deliberate non-attendance of class and/or excursions

– chronic and excessive tardiness

– disregard of the code of conduct of the University of Arizona

Process: 1. Verbal warning, 2. written warning; 3. dismissal if problem continues. In egregious cases, and after consultation with Study Abroad, dismissal from the program could be immediate.

Incidence Report Form (for problems with and for students)


phone: 520 626-9211

emergency line: 520 307-9576, or UAPD: 520 621-8273

Jill Calderon: cell 520 444-0653

Director: Harmony DeFazio 541 968-8868

SASE Main no.: 520 626-9211

Marching song, counting in German:

always on your left foot:











ein Stock (stick)

ein Hut (hat)

ein Schirm (umbrella)

und (at this point both of your feet must be on the ground next to each other)

then, with the left foot move, and say

vorwaerts, rueckwaerts, seitwaerts, und

and then start again with the number one in German

Note: The itinerary is subject to change.

As a side note, no one is allowed to drink alcoholic beverages during the day, and in the evening, of course, only those of you who are at least 21 can consume alcohol.

Here is Information on the $8,000 CDH Scholarship for Spring 2018 (not for the Summer, unfortunately):

For more information, feel free to contact Danny Vander Ploeg (626-9664, or or Devon Bilsing, UA Study Abroad Coordinator (

Study Abroad is a once in a lifetime, life changing experience that every student should take advantage of. At UA Study Abroad, we want to make sure that every student has the opportunity to go abroad during the college career regardless of how much their parents make. That is why we are working with the CDH Charitable Foundation to offer a new need based scholarship opportunity for Spring 2018. This scholarship is for up to $8000, and is intended for students that meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Arizona resident
  • Admitted to and enrolled at UA
  • Must be a sophomore or junior
    • If a sophomore, completion of at least 30 units; if a junior, completion of at least 60 units
  • Minimum 3.0 cumulative UA Grade Point Average (GPA)
  • Demonstrated financial need by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Beyond these criteria, preference will be given to first generation college students.

UA Study Abroad is eager to award these scholarships; so far they have received hardly any applications.

Students can apply for this $8,000 scholarship (for Spring 2018 study abroad) through scholarship universe. There is more information here: Apply Now or Submit an Inquiry