Philipp Segesser's letters in English translation

The present document offers Prof. Albrecht Classen’s carefully researched introduction to the history of Jesuit Order as it pertains to Switzerland, Lucerne particularly, Philipp Segesser, and the missionary activities in eighteenth-century Mexico, followed by the full translation of all his letters as contained in the State Archive in Lucerne, Switzerland.

While this translation was available free of charge on my website in the past, in the meantime an updated version with numerous corrections has been published in print:

The Letters of the Swiss Jesuit Missionary Philipp Segesser (1689-1762): An Eyewitness to the Settlement of Eighteenth-Century Sonora (Pimería Alta, ed. and trans. Albrecht Classen. Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Occasional Series, 5 (Tempe: Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, 2012), x, 245 pp., 4 ill.