Pledge Form

Fall 2011

In order to be allowed to attend this class (Trad. 104), I pledge to abide by the following rules as standards of professional student behavior, like in a movie theater. I grant the Instructor, Prof. Classen, the right to drop me from this class administratively if I breach any of these in an egregious manner and if I disrespect warnings:

  1. All cell phones and similar gadgets will be turned off completely (on mute only if you expect an emergency phone call, which would have to be documented)–no blackberries, iphones, etc. will be allowed. The only exception will be iclickers.

  2. If I bring in other students’ clickers, or IDs, with the intent to cheat for them, or if I use any electronic equipment to gain access to outside resources during testing, I accept that I will be immediately removed from this class administratively.

  3. If I commit plagiarism, or any other kinds of academic cheating, I accept that I will be immediately removed from this class administratively.

  4. I will not read any inappropriate material during class, such as newspapers, irrelevant books, or other print or electronic materials and media that have nothing to do with this class.

  5. I will respect all my classmates, do not disturb or distract them, and make my best effort to contribute in a constructive and academic manner.

  6. I will behave in a professional, mature, and polite manner.

  7. I will be punctual, well dressed, alert, and, yes, awake!

  8. I will not eat or drink in this class; only bottled water is allowed

  9. Leaving chewing gum anywhere in the classroom is absolutely forbidden!

  10. I will respect my Instructor, the TAs, and SIs, and all other personnel charged with the instructive purposes of this class.

  11. I will stay in class during the whole time. I’ll have permission to leave class only if I have a valid excuse.

I have thoroughly read the syllabus, understand it, and am committed to all learning objectives stated in the syllabus!

I have understood all statements of this pledge and had an opportunity to ask questions and have them answered by the Instructor. I accept the rules as stated above.



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