The SOCIETY FOR GERMAN RENAISSANCE AND BAROQUE LITERATURE (SGRABL) was founded in 1983 to serve as a resource and support for scholars and teachers working in the area of Early Modern German literature and culture.  This included (formerly more commonly called) Renaissance and Baroque studies.  It served scholars and teachers by providing a forum for discussion, exchange, presentation of research (and teaching initiatives) for mostly college and university professors in North America (there were also Canadian members such as Peter Daly, McGill University).  It also provided a link to scholars in Germany and Europe with the journal Daphnis.  Zeitschrift für Mittlere Deutsche Literatur, which provided a print forum for members. (Barbara Becker-Cantarino)


1. The name of the organization is The Society for German Renaissance and Baroque Literature

2. The purpose of the organization is the promotion of 16th and 17th century German Studies and the exchange of information and ideas among its members.

3. There shall be a President and a Vice-President who shall be responsible for organizing the meeting(s) of the society  of that year.  These meetings will provide opportunities for bringing together scholars from the US, Canada, and other countries for the purpose of discussing topics of interest to members of the organization and other interested persons.

4. The President shall be responsible for a newsletter that shall be mailed by the Treasurer to all members in good standing during the first two months of every year.  The newsletter shall, among other items the President, Vice-President, and Treasurer deem of interest, contain the names of the newly elected President and Vice-President and their addresses and also the topic(s) of the meeting(s) that the society will sponsor of that year.

5. The President of the society shall preside over the meeting(s).  At the first scheduled meeting (in case the society sponsors more than one) the President will report to the members on the affairs of the society, will have the financial report read, and have a member of the Nominating Committee for President and Vice-President in nomination.  There shall also be a call for nominations from the floor.  A majority of the members present shall decide the election.  The newly elected President (normally the out-going Vice-President) shall announce the topic(s) for the meeting(s) of the following year.  The President may delegate the authority for putting together a second program to be sponsored by the society to another member.  However, such a decision must be communicated to the members, at least at the time of the annual newsletter.

6. There shall be a Treasurer who will be elected for a period of five years.  The Treasurer shall give a financial report at the first scheduled meeting of the society each year.  If the Treasurer is unable to attend that meeting, he/she shall send the report to the President.  The Treasurer shall open a checking account in the name of the society and shall specify that the Treasurer shall have power to deposit and withdraw funds from the account.  After five years the newly elected Treasurer shall take over with the same duties and prerogatives.

7. The nominating Committee shall consist of the last three presidents of the society; the member with seniority shall be the chair.  In accepting the nomination the member must realize his/her responsibility when it comes to putting together the meeting.

8. No officer may succeed himself/herself within the span of three years.

9. Annual dues are $3.00.  Changes in the due structure shall be recommended by the officers but must be approved by a majority of the membership present at the annual meeting.

10. Changes in the by-laws must be announced in the newsletter that precedes the meeting at which the changes are brought up for a vote.   A two-thirds majority of the members present at the meeting will decide the outcome.

Posted on Nov. 22, 2003, by Albrecht Classen (expanded on Feb. 2, 2004 – statement about foundation and purpose of SGRABL).

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