SCRABL Minutes

Business Meeting at the MLA 2003:
    Albrecht Classen ran the business meeting and reported of the changes that happened under his presidency.  We now have a distribution list for the membership, and a constantly updated webpage.  The Society needs to find a new vice president, but since no one had come forward, upon Karin Wurst’s recommendation (absent because of family emergency) the idea was discussed to extend Classen’s Presidency and Wurst’s Vice Presidency for one more year to give us time to find a new vice president.  Judith Aikin moved to accept this proposal which would apply only to 2004, after which Wurst would succeed as President and with a new Vice President elected via the distribution list.  Motion was seconded by Cornelia Moore.   Motion carried with all present voting in favor.

    Karin Wurst will organize the two SGRABL sessions at the MLA 2004.  Topic 1: Teaching the Early Modern Period: A Roundtable; Topic 2: The Early Modern Period as an Interdisciplinary Enterprise.  One to two-page abstracts by March 1, 2004, to: Karin Wurst at; or mail to: German Studies Program, 644 Wells Hall, Michigan State University, Eastern Lansing, MI 48824

    Classen will put together the package required by the MLA to review our Society by May 2004, due by March 1, 2004. He asked the members for their assistance.

    Classen also asked for a change of point two in our by-laws concerning the historical period covered by our society.  Instead of limiting ourselves to the 16th and 17th centuries, the by-laws should state that we are covering the period from the fifteenth through the early eighteenth century.  This change will be submitted to the membership and voted on electronically.

    Lynne Tatlock requested that the call for dues payment should be sent out separately.

Respectfully submitted,

Albrecht Classen, Jan. 1, 2004

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