Tristan Ms

Tristan Manuscript

Tristan Ms. 1 (Bayerische Staatsbibliothek München, Cod. germ. 51 (2nd quarter of the thirteenth century, Alemannic)  

Facsimile: Library of Congress PT 1525.A1. 1979, v.1-2

1. Title: Herr Tristrant
First initial: G – edenchet man… (if you think…)
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Ms. 2: Folio 3, verso: text with initials
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Folio 10, recto: top: An enemy has attacked King Mark’s land.  In the ensuing
battle Rivalin will be severely wounded. Image: six armed horsemen gallop out of the city or fortress, one of them wearing a crown.  They clash with a group of hostile knights. Rivalin, sitting on a horse in blue color, is wounded by a lance piercing through his shield. Bottom left and right: Blanscheflur laments to her chambermaid.

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Folio 10, verso: union of the two lovers Rivalin and Blanscheflur; on the right side messengers inform Rivalin about Morgan’s attack on his country; at the bottom: Blanscheflur faints; right side: Rivalin takes leave of Mark.  Folio 11 recto: passage to Parmenie and meeting with Rual li foitenant.  Rivalin holds Blanscheflur’s hand. Bottom: marriage of Rivalin and Blanscheflur.
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Folio 15, recto: top left: Blanscheflur learns of Rivalin’s death; top right: birth of Tristan, death of Blanscheflur; middle: funeral of Blanscheflur; bottom: pretended child delivery by Floraete.
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Folio 15, verso: top: baptism of Tristan in three stages; middle: his education; bottom: arrival of the Norwegian ship.
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Folio 30, recto: top left: Tristan takes weary Rual in tattered clothing to Mark; top right: Tristan takes Rual to Mark again, now in good clothes; middle: Rual tells the tragic story of Tristan; bottom: Tristan is knighted.
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Folio 30, verso: top: tournament; middle left: Tristan says good-bye to Mark; middle right: Tristan travels to Parmenie; bottom left: Tristan is greeted by Floraete; bottom right: Tristan goes on his campaign against Morgan.
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Folio 46, recto: top: Morolt and Tristan cross the water to reach the island; middle: their duel; bottom left: Tristan returns with Morolt’s boat; bottom right: Tristan kills Morolt.
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Folio 46, verso: top left: Tristan is sick of the poison; top right: Tristan travels to Ireland; middle left: Tristan approaches Develin (Dublin); middle right: a medical doctors tries to heal Tristan in vain; bottom right: Queen Isolde heals Tristan; bottom left: Tristan/Tantris teaches Isolde the Fair.
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Folio 67, recto: top: Tristan cuts out the dragon’s tongue; middle: the Irish steward pretends to attack the dragon; bottom: the steward orders the dragon’s head to be shipped to the city.
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 Folio 67, verso: top: Queen Isolde, her daughter, and Brangaene, along with the Squire Paranis go to the dragon; middle left: young Isolde finds Tristan; middle right: the ladies secretly take Tristan home; bottom left: the young Isolde threatens Tristan with the sword; bottom right: Brangaene talks with the two other ladies, speaking on behalf of Tristan.
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Folio 76, recto: top left: Tristan and Isolde are not allowed to get together, but Brangaene gives Tristan the idea of communicating with Isolde via the wooden shaving; top right: Tristan lets the shaving float down the creek; middle: Tristan and Isolde meet at the olive tree and are observed by the dwarf Melot; bottom left: Melot reports what he has seen to Mark, both ride to the olive tree; bottom right: Mark and Melot listen to Tristan and Isolde talking to each other.
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Folio 86, verso: top left: Tristan brings the chopped-off hand of the giant to Gilan; top right: Tristan hands over the dog to a goliard who is supposed to take it to Isolde; middle left: the messenger brings the dog to Isolde; middle right: Isolde holds the dog; bottom: no equivalence in the text.
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Folio 90, recto: top left: Mark expels Tristan and Isolde from his court; top right: Tristan and Isolde go into exile; middle: Mark, having observed the seemingly innocent lovers, closes the window with grass, flowers, and leaves; bottom: Mark demands that the lovers who have returned to his court abstain from any further intimate looks.
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Folio 90, verso: top: Mark catches the lovers in the orchard in flagrante; middle: Marke has returned with witnesses, but Tristan has already left; bottom left: Tristan’s friendship with Kaedin; bottom right: Tristan and Kaedin in a fight with Rugier, Nautenis, and Rigolin (Thomas’s version).
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