Tristan Names

List of Names in Gottfried von Strassburg’s Tristan

Blancheflor – Sister of King Mark, Mother of Tristan

Brangane (Brangaene or Brengvein) — older female relative and companion of Isolde

Canel, Canelengres — bynames of Rivalin

Cariado — baron at King Mark’s court, secret lover of Isolde, later bitter enemy of Isolde and Tristan

Curvenal — tutor and friend of Tristan

Estult — slain by Tristan

Floraete — Tristan’s foster mother

Gandin — Irish baron who tries to win Isolde the Fair (the Irish princess) for himself, deceives King Mark by playing the Rote, a medieval music instrument

Gilan — Duke of Swales

Gurmun — King of Ireland, husband of the elder Isolde

Hiudan — Tristans dog

Isolde the Elder — Isolde’s mother

Isolde — Tristan’s fated lover

Jovelin — Duke of Arundel

Kaedin — Son of Duke of Arundel

Karsie — Duchess of Arundel

Marjodoc — Enemy of Tristan and Isolde

Mark — King of Cornwall

Melot — spy—dwarf serving King Mark

Morgan — liege lord of Rivalin, Tristan’s father, he is killed by Tristan

Morold – brother of the Irish Queen Isolde, killed by Tristan

Nautenis — neighbor of Jovelin

Paranis — page to Queen Isolde

Petitcreiu — fairy Lap dog from Avalon

Rivalin — Lord of Parmenie

Rual li Foitenant – marshal and burgrave to Rivalin; married to Floraete, foster—father and guardian of Tristan

Tantris — pseudonym of Tristan

Tristan — Isolde’s lover

Tristan the Dwarf — slain knight

Urgan — giant