University of Arizona Medieval, Renaissance, and Reformation Committee, UAMARRC


This is the official webpage of the UAMARRC at the University of Arizona (page under reconstruction)


UAMARRC aims at bringing together scholarly and teaching efforts regarding the Middle Ages and the early modern age at the University of Arizona. We currently operate with a very small budget, but we try our best to bring guest speakers to our campus from time to time, and we organize “work-in-progress” symposia once or twice a year. UAMARRC also supports the efforts by Prof. Albrecht Classen to organize, once a year, an international symposium on Medieval Studies and Early Modern Studies (May 2014 will be the fourteenth).

For the International Symposia on Medieval and Early Modern Studies at the UA, click here.

Under the auspices of UAMARRC we have had a long series of Early Book Lecture Series in Special Collections, UA Library. For the 2013 series, click here

Join Our Organization

UAMARRC invites all interested in its goals to join this organization. Graduate students are particularly welcome. All pertinent disciplines are considered part of the research field covered by UAMARRC. There are friendly and cooperative connections with other related groups on the campus of the UA, such as the Division for Late Medieval and Reformation Studies. We are also in strong support of the Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, at ASU, Tempe, AZ

We have a listserv, and if you want to join, please contact the current Chair:
Prof. Albrecht Classen

For a good image of a Romanesque church, see Germigny-des-Pres near Orleans

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